The History Of My Mods
    This page is dedicated to my Modifications and how I feel they made my car Perform and /or Handle.
This is based on my personal opinion and what I feel the need to report.
    My Cars Background:
     Here's the story on the Mods to my 1996 Z28 M6 !
    The first mod I really made to My Z was the Tires. I bought it with the shit bag AS-R's. What a crap tire. I upgraded to the GoodYear GS-C's as soon as I burned those useless tires up. The GS-C's were good, about $185 a tire plus extras ( I know People ) They were really cool looking tires... Took a really radical stance, performed well but didn't last more than 20K miles. Wet performance was about 85-90%. Then I went to the Firestone SZ 50's. WOW what a tire. These bad boys were only $160. a tire and the traction I got from them was INCREDIBLE !  Wet or Dry  these babies performed, 100% ! They don't look as radical as the GS-C's or as wide but they make the GS-C's sink into the mud as far as performance !!!!!!
    Now onto the BORLA 3" Cat Back Exhaust .. GREAT Mod ! Made the car feel more Ballsy, it breaths much better and sounds like a freight train coming through the station. Its a pricey mod but WELL worth the bucks. It turns your cat into a mountain lion. Money well spent ! Should be one of your first mods ! Anybody can install this mod ! ( Install Time 2 1/2 Hours )  HEAR MY CAR
    Bypassing the !TB ( Throttle Body ) coolant line is basically a FREE mod and pretty simple to do. It cost me $4.00 and a half hour of my time. Its supposed to give somewhere around 4-6 HP by lowering the tempiture of the air flowing through the Throttle Body making the air less condense thus adding HP. I really didn't feel anything after the bypass but I figure what the heck. Its free and 4 more ponies just got added on to the mix. Doing that every couple of weeks would build a pretty bad machine in no time !( Install time 30 minutes )
    Sway Bars ! Don't ever forget your handling package. You could have the fastest car in the world, but if you can't hook or take the corners in a fast manner you really have nothing. Most people forget about the handling of the car. DON'T ! The more HP you have the more you need Handling for that HP !
I have added a 21 mm sway bar to the rear and a 32 mm sway bar to the front complimented by ENERGY poly bushings and end links to boost the week stock crap. It is a worth while mod and not that expensive. You can do the whole thing for under $250.00 and self install in less then 2 hours with basic hand tools. It makes an incredible difference in handling ! No special tools required !
    Remove your MAF Screen. It takes 10 minutes but improves your air flow plus pedal response. Plus its FREE !
    Add High Performance Brake pads ! Nothing like going 108 mph in the 1/4 mile and stopping on a dime ! No use in making your car fly if you can't stop it. Brake pads will run in the $100.00 mark.. Well worth it ! Don't go cheap on this mod !
    Sub-Frame Connectors are a good bet. They tighten up your whole car, especially if you have a car with T-Tops or convertible. They will tighten up your ride hands down and are WELL worth the bucks spent ! They will run you around $160-$200 plus install, but will make your car feel so much stiffer. If you know someone with a mig welder you'll be that much better off. Just be VERY careful of the fuel line on the drivers side. It melts very EASY! Take it from me, be CAREFUL !
    SHOCKS: I went with the BILSTEIN racing shocks and Struts. I had 63K miles on my ride and the stock stuff was spent. BILSTEIN with the GM Valving cost me $170 plus $180 install plus $60 for alignment. Made a WORLD of difference. I can corner 90' turns at 50 mph without any tire noise (Not a peep).
I installed the HURST Billet Pro/Comp Plus shifter. It made a WORLD of a difference in my shifts. No more missing 2nd to 3rd shifts against those stangs. Its solid, its positive and its stiff ! Short throws is the name of the game and with this shifter I have it!
TOWER BRACE: I Installed the Hochkis 2 point tower brace. Pretty easy mod ( about 30 min ) with a great deal of stiffness added to the front end. I would recommend this as a Must Do Mod. It really gave me a good positive steering feel and was worth the $159 bucks spent hands down.
K&N Cold Air Induction: The Cold air induction system was by far one of the BEST Mods I have made to date. For the money it gave me the best SOTP ( Seat of the Pants ) feel then any other mod made (so far). It helps your car breath and with the LT1 that is the most important thing you can do. Make it have MORE air! Its an easy mod that you can do with basic hand tools in about 60-90 min but it is a GREAT feeling when you get on the pedal for the first time and feel what the $180 bucks you just spent feels like ! ( I HIGHLY recommend this Mod ) !
I know state laws differ from state to state but if you can, tint your windows as dark as you can. Its a great feeling driving down the highway knowing that you can act yourself without knowing your neighbor is looking upon your every move. My windows are tinted with 5% ( Limo Tint ). During the day you can see in if the light is hitting in the right direction ( Barely ) but most of the time I could do anything with out being detected. Plus it makes my Black Z28 look like one Big Black cat. $130 well spent !  ( I would NEVER have a car again without tinted windows )
You might think this is a silly mod but replacing your stock pedals with high performance High Grip pedals, but it makes your car that much better in the long run. When you have these high grip pedals, your feet don't slip off no matter what the conditions ( Wet, Dry, Hot, Humid, Cold, Frozen etc. ). You can control your foot movement whatever the weather conditions. You can do this mod for about $20.00. EVERYBODY has 20 Bucks ! Think about it !
Well after 63K miles my poor little old stock clutch was having a hard time staying up with the revs. So it was time to search out a better combination for the up and coming mods. I went with the McLeod Kevlar racing clutch. A moderately priced clutch and pressure plate but VERY effective. The day I dropped my car off at the shop to have it installed I beat the piss out of the old one just to see the difference when I got the new one. Well let me tell you, it was a costly mod to say the least ( about $650.00 ) after all was said and done BUT I'm happy I did it and the car now grabs like mad and all the HP is being transferred to the wheels as intended. I'm very happy with this clutch !

Phase One Mods
My Modifications Table
Date Installed
Install Time
Labor Charge
Bang For Buck
3" Cat Back Exhaust BORLA 4/22/98 2 1/2 Hours $569.00 Self Installed
Firehawk SZ50's Firestone 5/1/98 1 1/2 Hours $672.00 Included
5% Limo Tint Formula One 12/95 2 Hours $160.00 Included
Cold Air Induction K&N FIPK 5/12/98 1 Hour $205.00 Self Installed
   10 +
Tail Light Black Outs GSO 5/20/98 30 Seconds $41.00 Self Installed
21mm Rear Sway Bar Genuine GM 5/25/98 1 Hour $68.00 Self Installed
32mm Front Sway Genuine GM 9/2/98 1 Hour $99.00 Self Installed
Polyurethane Bushings ENERGY With Sway Bars Included w/sway Bars $52.00 Self Installed
Removed MAF 
6/1/98 10 Minutes FREE Self Installed
Racing Pedal Covers ARS 5/12/98 5 Minutes $20.00 Self Installed
H/P Brake Pads Vette Brakes 5/1/98 1 Hour $120.00 $40.00
Synthetic Oil MOBILE 1 8/23/98 30 Minutes $40.00 Included
2 Point Tower Brace HOTCHIKS 5/25/98 30 Minutes $157.00 Self Installed
Sub-Frame Connec. IRS Terminator 5/25/98 2 1/2 Hours $160.00 Self Installed w/help
Billet Plus Pro/Shifter HURST 8/1/98 90 Minutes $158.00 Self Installed
Racing Shocks/Struts BILSTEIN 8/10/98 4 1/2 Hours $170.00 $180.00 + $60.00
      10 + +
Kevlar Racing Clutch McLeod 8/15/98 5 Hours $335.00 $250.00 + $40.00
TB Bypass
8/20/98 25 Minutes $4.00 Self Installed
Water Wetter REDLINE 12/21/98 10 Seconds $10.00 Self Installed
25 1/4 Hours