Borla Exhaust Recordings
The below sounds are recorded from my 1996 Camaro Z28 M6 equipped with a
BORLA adjustable Cat Back Exhaust System with the 1.75" plate in place. They
were recorded with a portable SONY recorder and then changed into .wav format
using CREATIVE's WAVE Studio. This page was created after getting over a
hundred requests about my BORLA and what it sounded like. So I have
taken recordings from several different situations likely to be heard by all
those Ford people wishing they had a Chevy !!!

LT1 Recordings

 Stationary RevsHere is my car being revved in my garage ( 64k - 5.96 sec )
 1st thru 3rd Crack  This is my car banging from 1st gear thru 3rd at a High RPM ( 92k - 8.54 sec )
 1st Gear thru 4th  Here is 1st gear thru 4th at a moderate RPM shift at around 4000 RPM ( 120k - 11.17 sec )
 Drive Away  From a stand still, I start off slow and then bang thru the rack ! ( 131k - 12.19 sec )
 Down Shifting  Downshifting from 3rd to 2nd gear. Its got a Victory tone to it ! ( 59k - 5.56 sec )
 High Speed Pass !  This is an AWESOME sound ! I left the recorder on the side of the road and passed at Considerably more then the speed limit ( 86k - 8.06 sec )
* These recordings are done in the same manner as the above sounds BUT
from our 99 Z28 LS1 M6 this time. Sound is supplied by a BORLA cat back
exhaust running WIDE open along with an SLP Y-Pipe. Stock Cats are in place.

LS1 Recordings

 High Speed Pass  OK so I may have broken the speed limit recording this one...SORRY !
 RPM Dump  I let the clutch loose at about 3500 RPM and nail it ---COOL !
 Another Dump  Some more noise and power shifting
 RPM Dump 3  Doesn't a BORLA sound AWESOME !
 RPM Dump 4  Lost the ass end on this one
 1st and 2nd Punch  Lets grab 1st and 2nd this way all the time
 Grabbing 1-2-3  A little playing fwith the PRO 5.0 shifter
 Stationary LS1 Rev  Just giving her some yummy gasoline

You asked for it so here they are, LS1 recordings with a SLP Loud Mouth Exhaust W/SLP Y-Pipe
On or Manager Chris Geene's 2000 SS using the same method as above but now we have
the software to convert these files to MP3's for ya so a shorter download. Enjoy ! Again Stock
Cats are in place.


Here are the NEW recordings of our Manager (Chris Geene - 3GROC) after the SLP Long Tube
Header install 3/11/01. Chris's Exhaust system is a SLP Loud Mouth with SLP Long Tube Headers,
SLP Y-Pipe and Random Tech High Flow Cats. More recordings will be posted in the next few days.
Stop back for more !

 Chris With Long Tubes 1

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