Welcome to the Fastest growing Z28 site on the web. My name is Bill Pador
      and this site is dedicated to Showcasing some of the hottest
      and best Z28's in the country. It will be a main point to locate
      Z28 links as well as F-Body info that will help you build the fastest
    and best looking Z28 you can.
Visit my VIRTUAL Z28 SHOWCASE to see some of the best Z's in the World and
     find out what makes them tick. So sit back and enjoy. Please drop me any suggestions and submit
       cars pictures and info.
     There will also be a Hot rod Showcase for Non Camaros, submit your Hotrod if you think
it has what it takes !
This page is updated almost on a daily basis. So check back often. ENJOY !
    This site has been Totally Re-designed as of 10/14/98 with a New Look and Feel.
Please let me know what you think and be sure to Reload all pages if your
a frequent flier. I have added Midi to certain pages, added some other features
and deleted others. I hope you enjoy the New stuff !
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ICQ - 2528690
AOL Instant Messenger - CRT Guy
    You are about to Enter the HOTTEST Z28 Site on the Web. . . Enjoy The Ride !
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