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7/22/00 - Z-Rated Motorsports becomes official sponsor of the Z28 Hot Spot
7/21/00 -  Z-Rated Motorsports  is created. LT1 / LS1 High Performance parts Online !!! Check Us Out !!
7/8/2000-I made it into the pages of GM HIGH TECH Magazine Again !!! Check it out  HERE !!!
1/3/2000-New Wings West Grill Installed - PICS !!!!
9/29/99 - See Pics of my new RK Sport BIG ATTITUDE Hood Stripes, Great Look !!  Pic #1  also  Pic #2
8/21/99 - Check out my New racing team (Z-Rated Racing) and how we are doing  Z-Rated Racing News (My car in GM High Tech) Well technically
7/24/99 - Check Out my NEW 99 LS1 Z28 !~   LS1 From Hell ~!~~
 6/13/99 - See Pics of my 1996 Z28 TOTALED after an encounter with a Drunk Driver on 6/6/99  9 Crash Pictures
 5/23/99 -  See a pictures of my Newly detailed engine  Engine Detail 2 and Engine Detail
1/18/99  -  Installed SUPERCHIPS Micro Tuner 2001 Programmer. Check out my  Article  on the results of this NEW tuner ! ( Good Stuff )
12/21/98 -  Check out the  Sound of my car with a BORLA exhaust, these are Original recordings NEVER heard before ! ( Awesome ! )
12/17/98 - Joined the  Mid Atlantic F-Body Association
12/16/98 - Added today was the  Camaro Time Line and the  1999 Camaro Page
12/15/98 - This page was added along with a FAQ  page and  Camaro Trivia
12/10/98 - Parts Dealer page added for quick reference of over 40 Camaro part dealers
11/20/98 - 7 New cars were added to the showcase today.
11/8/98   - Added to the site was the New Java Applet for the Entrance to the showcase page

Coming Soon 

In the works is a page which will give simplified instructions on most common bolt ons for the LT1 4th generation Camaro
More detail tips to include proper care for your interior and leather seats
I am working on getting my own domain !

"Official Sponsor of The Z28 Hot Spot"

LT1 / LS1 High Performance Parts Online

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