The Premiere Z28 Showcase !

Heres how to submit your car to Bill's Z28 Hot Spot

1. You MUST own the vehicle you are submitting

2. A detailed profile of your car should be sent to include all MODS, year, make, model, Track times, any awards won etc.

3. If any changes to the picture supplied to me must be made (ie. clarity, color, artistic modifications) I reserve the right to change them as I see fit to enhance my site.

4. When sending pictures, please try to send them as JPEG or GIF if possible since these are much smaller files. If need be I will convert them.

5. If you want to submit a car but do not have a scanned photo, please E-Mail me and I will give you my address and scan the picture for you at no charge. If you want the photo back please include a SASE

6. Cars that qualify for Showcasing are as follows - ANY Camaro, Z28, SS or Any other F-Body for that matter ! Any hod rod or muscle car for my HOT ROD page can be submitted. I reserve the right NOT to post any car I feel is not worthy of being on my pages ( Rust buckets etc.) As of 11/2/98 There will be 3 classifications of Showcasing ( Lightly modified, Moderately Modified and Heavily Modified ) I will make the determination what class your car will appear in by judging your vehicles modifications and track times.
7. You will be notified via E-Mail when your car is being showcased.
8. If you do not add your REAL NAME to your E-Mail as well as only sending me 1 PICTURE of your car, you will not be added to the showcase. I do not want your URL to your site to find pics of your car. I want 1 picture E-Mailed to me, no multi picture .ZIP files will be accepted - PERIOD ! You pick the picture you want profiled, don't leave it up to me. With all the E-Mail I receive I don not have the time to do a research project PLEASE !

Other then that, I really don't have any other requests !

Please submit your cars to me here :

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