Posted 1/18/99
    OK guys, Here's the first look at the NEW SUPERCHIPS Micro Tuner 2001
which is the competition for the HPP+. Now keep in mind that I never
had a HPP+ but from what I have heard from MANY people the results
of their performance program were not that great and just OK.
I received the MT2001 today at noon and read the minimal instructions
(1 1/2 typed pages ). Operation is SIMPLE to say the least, just like a
HPP+, just plug it in, turn ignition to ON position and answer
questions for additional parameters (i.e.. gear ratio, rev limiter etc.)
The download took approx. 1 min. 15 seconds ( Just like the instruction
sheet said it would ! It tells you to then turn key off and unplug unit.
Here goes some Preliminary results ( I only have minimal results since
we had a MAJOR rain storm here in NJ today and I really couldn't open
her up ).
After plugging the program in I almost immediately knew something was different
about my car, that start up was nice and smooth with barely a single crank going
by before ignition. I gave a few small revs on the pedal and it too felt
smooth as silk. I pulled out onto the road and made a bee line for the highway.
"Don't let this be a waist of money I kept saying to myself". Well that thought
couldn't be further from the truth....... My first words were "Holy $h1t". The
cars throttle response was UNBELIEVABLE !!!!!! I mashed down on the pedal to
merge with traffic and my head was thrown back into the leather as if it were a toy.
The car pulled like a raped ape on steroids ALL the way through the RPM range.
I kept in it through 3rd gear redlining at 6100rpm on the tach, ( Real world reading
most likely 5900-6000 taking in to account of tach error). The torque increase
was incredible as was the throttle response, (keep in mind my mods to date which
I'm sure help maximize the racing program installed ) BUT also keep in mind
that I am still running my stock ignition as well as original plugs and wires
which have 69,500 miles on them !!!!!
I had a ball driving the car home in the nasty weather and can feel an incredible
difference in the cars pull. I have a date with my G-TECH tomorrow on the local
highway and will post HP increase, 1/4 time increase, G-Force increase as well
as 0-60 mph time before and after install ( Weather permitting ). But so far I
gotta say this baby is a WINNER !!!! BTW, Price paid was $317.00 + 20 bucks for
over night shipping (2nd day ground was only 10 bucks ) and custom program charge
in the future for added NOS or SC is only $75.00 plus shipping.
What ever questions you have, let 'em fly and I'll try to answer them as best I
can. I will also post gas mileage effect as soon as I use 2-3 tank fulls to get an
average for you ( With O2 winter fuel of course ).
 As a disclaimer, I just want everyone to
know that I have NO interest in SUPERCHIPS what so ever and will report all good
and BAD results on this product. It just seems that I am one of the first to have this
programmer in the country and I think the ONLY one on the Camaro BB to own it !!!
More to come on 1/19/99........!