Dale Harper Supercharged 1993 Z28
     Hailing from Vancouver Washington
  •  All power options
  • Auto tranny
  • Paint: dark grey/purple/metallic/pearl (very rare color)
  • Approx. 56K miles
  • Basically perfect out side and very good inside.
  • ATI 12# Supercharger w/3 core intercooler
  • 36# injectors
  • MSD A6 ignition and GM Blaster Coil
  • TB air foil
  • B&M Stage II shift kit& trick shift
  • 3.73 Richmond Gear gears
  • Metal Matrix carbon fiber/aluminum composite driveshaft-very trick!
  • Performance Friction carbon/metallic brake pads.
  • Custom burned chip from Ed Wright (Fastchip)
  • A-pillar duel gauge pod w/auto meter boost/vacuum gauge and fuel pressure gauges.
  • VERY RARE Ultra Platinum chrome Tri-Spoke wheels. They are supposed to be one of a kinds!
  • Front end bra, headlight/tail light black-outs
  • Drag Radials
  • Alarm System:
  •     ROLLS UP WINDOWS, locks the doors, disables the starter/ignition
  • when armed and unlocks the doors, enables the starter/ignition when disarmed.
  • Stereo System -boy!
  •  Kenwood flipping face head- unit CD/AM/FM/changer controller
  •  4.1 signal processor/booster
  •  Kenwood 10 disc CD Changer
  •  4-built in MB-Quart competition level 2 way 6.5" speakers.
  •  Phoenix Gold XS4300 4 channel amp for the MB's
  •  TWO 10" (one powered,one slaved) SAS-Bazooka tubes. These things slam hard!
  •  Track times: Actual 1/4: 12.23@115.56mph, but expect 11.7's with the new
    3000 stall converter.
    1/8 mile: 7.81@91.01mph
    60ft: 1.813
     /// Thats MOVIN' Folks ~! \\\
    Dale Harper
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