Julie Small 1995 Vortex SuperCharged Z28
435 HP
   In August of 1995, she took delivery of her Z-28
With 33 miles on the clock, her car was in Toms driveway having
  • A homemade coldair system
  • ( Yes Julie's Tom Byrnes girlfriend ) 2 blazing Z's in one family... NOT FAIR !
  •    Hotchkis trailing arms
  • 160 thermostat installed
  • A few days later, her Z visited the bodyshop to have the RK Sports ground effects and wing added on
  • That weekend I bolted on my ZR-1 wheels when we took it to a carshow, now she owns them too
  • During the winter of '96, Julie and her Dad, pulled out her motor, had it bored .030 over
  • and stuffed it with 8.5:1 JE pistons
  • A Competition Cam was chosen to control the valve train action
  •    while a set of Strange 3.73s are spinning in the rear
  • Other mods include an MSD BTM
  • Hotchkis strut tower brace
  • Jaccobs 8.5 mm wires
  • Hurst shifter
  • MSD 6AL
  • 52mm throttle body
  • Arizona Speed and Marine 1 3/4" headers
  • Borla adjustable catback exhaust.
  •    Julie has an exhaust temperature gauge that measures the exhaust temp in _each_ cylinder instead of just one.
    This is a really nice piece that is normally used in aircraft and costs $1000.
    Julie is also kept informed of what is going on with her car by looking at the boost, oil pressure and fuel
                                      pressure gauges. She keeps track of the RPMs with a Monster tach.
    Her car has been seen in the reader's rides section of January '96 issue of All Chevy,
    the February '96 issue of Chevy High Performance, an article
     called "Dragnet" in the September '96 issue of High Tech Performance
    and the Reader's section of the March issue Turbo and High Tech Performance.
      Both Tom and Julies cars are now in the September '98 issue of Chevy High Performance
    in a story called Friendly Competition. It features Julie's '95 and and Toms ''93.
    Best ET:
    12.30 @ 118.28 MPH
    Best 60" 1.91
    Dynoed @ 435 HP at the rear wheels. ( Geeze that hurts ! )
    Julie Small
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