Lou Salzano 1998 SS #1002
  •  6 speed with the Short Stick (which Lou developed)
  • T-Tops
  • Grey leather
  • Monsoon CD
  • Short Stick
  • !CAGS
  • Mobil 1
    Lou is the developer of the SHORT STICK which shortens
    the throw on your M6. You can see it on his web site  Lou's Camaro SS and Z28 Page
    which also happens to be a GOLD AWARD site winner of Bill's Z28 Hot Spot award
    His site is a must see, tons of info and a VERY well built page. Lou has spent
    many hours on his page and it's updated all the time to keep the info flowing.
    If you have questions about the Short Stick, drop by Lou's site
    and tell him you saw it here for a great deal !
    Lou Salzano
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