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- The Showcase Now Features 70 Cars -

Check Out The

- Collin MacDonald SS #547  -

Lightly Modified
 Walter Stuber
 Brett Schultz
  Mike Klemp
 Karen Kraus
 Paul Dishroon
 Wendy Myers
 Scott Mesaros
 Jon Billian
 Daniel Nelson
 Steve Huhn
 Lou Salzano
 Stephanie & Ellis
 Scott Glassman
 Shawn Salazar
 Colin Spencer
 Jim Paugh
 Jason Skaff
 Christy Fisher
 Tom O'Gorman
 Nathan McCrackan
 Chris Carlisle
 Steve Hughes
 Kevin Blodgett
 Mike Bove
 John Brymer
 Jason Price
 Michael Richmer
 Anthony Campion
 Becki Barnett
 Ryan Moody
Moderatly Modified

Jon Silas
Billy Pickett
 Steve Monte
 Erik Stenerud
 Doug Harden
 Terry Dalton
 Jim Black
 Scott Register
 Jack Haigler
 Mario Lewarne
 Brad Dickerson
 Ray Ortiz
 Aric Vonasek

Heavily Modified

Chris Frezza (As featured in Super Chevy)
Robert Schwartz
 William Kahrs
 Hiroyuki Shimizu (Road Racer)
 Dale Harper
 Tom Byrne (T-Byrne Motorsports)
 Julie Small (T-Byrne Motorsports)
 Russ Lucas
 David Houser
 Jordan Kelly
 Lonnie Pavtis (LPA Performance Parts)
 Gary Phillips
 Ben Faulk
 George Baxtor (As Featured in Super Chevy) & GM High Tech !
 Tim LeGros
 Alan Soab
 John LaBlanc (As Featured in GM High Tech)
 Merle Denny
 Sam Stamper
 Collin MacDonald (As Featured in Super Chevy)
  Brent Franker
 Chris Ashley
 Steve Vidal
 Brad Baughman

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