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The Camaro was born on September 29, 1966

The Camaro was originally going to be called the "Panther". Right up until the car's debut this was the name of one of America's finest cars. Chevrolet even had the molds made for the emblems, but then luckily for us they changed their minds !

The Z28 name was chosen because it just happened to be the next available option after
Z27 !

Chevrolet had originally planned a tri-power carburetion option for the small-block Camaros in 1967 !

The 1969 body style was to continue in production for two full years. The '70 body style made its debut in 1971 instead of 1970 !

Chevrolet designers had four body styles - coupe, convertible, fastback and station wagon planned for production instead of just two !

Chevrolet had cobbled up a special two-seat convertible some 18 inches shorter than a normal Camaro convertible !

The first 50 ZL1 Camaros were delivered with a carburetor that was too small. This made the car slower than its originally intended mid 11 second quarter mile time !

Believe it or not, 1967 Camaros were to run on 13" tires !

The 350 cubic inch engines in the 1967 Super Sport cars were a Camaro exclusive !

For the late 1970 and 1971 body year runs, the was a planned edition called the "Hurst Sunshine Special" with a slide back sunroof. One car was actually produced and can still be seen in some Chevy advertisements. Look for a yellow '70 1/2 Z28 ... and look VERY closely !

1972 almost marked the end of the line for the F-Body cars, since they did not meet the new bumper safety laws !

The Camaro set an Indianapolis track record in 1967 and '69 by being the first car selected as the Official Indy 500 Pace car two times in the first three years of its production. No other car has achieved this distinction since !

Instead of a two light system with retractable covers, cars equipped with the Rally sport option were originally going to have four headlights, which were to show through a "full width, egg crate" grill !

For years the name Camaro was often misspelled CAMERO by enthusiasts and automotive writers alike. Contrary to popular belief, there is no 'E' in Camaro, which by the way, means "FRIEND" in french. The "CAMERO" spelling means "Shrimp" in spanish. Thank God Chevy made a wise choice in spellings !!!

These trivia facts originally appeared in Super Chevy magazine by Bob Brennan Copyright 1998

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